Get noticed on our MOBILE SIGNS Thunder Bay’s Mobile Sign Specialists!


Hi-Impact Signs + Graphics offers the most effective mobile advertising on the market. If you are disappointed in the results you have been getting from traditional media like newspapers, flyers, radio and t.v. ads then look no further. You are guaranteed to get the results you want at a price you can afford!

Our signs are easily readable and eye-catching. They are an effective way to direct people to your business and to communicate with the public. They will increase public awareness of your location and your events.

Hi-Impact Signs + Graphics is a family owned and operated business serving Thunder Bay since 1992, Originally started by John Currie and then bought by Rob Kowalchuk in 2008. We are proud of the growth and customer satisfaction we have attained through the years.

Each sign comes with a large selection of  symbols for easily changeable copy. The number of characters on a sign depends on the size of the sign. A simple rule of thumb is to keep your message brief and easy to read as the drive-by customer has approximately 7 seconds to read it. These signs allow you the convenience and affordability to convey to consumers the information which you want to impart and the ability to change that information as need arises. The low cost of renting a portable sign can be quickly recovered from the increase of business experienced.

With operating budget costs on the rise and competition around the corner, it is of utmost importance to let both walk-by and drive-by traffic know what you can do for them.

THEY WORK! And best of all, most of the profit generated by the signs will remain in your pocket.