Mobile signs are inexpensive, passive ways to get your message out there to drivers. They can be placed on any property (with approval of said property owner) and decorated with a message made up of florescent and none-florescent letters. There’s no need to come up with a design. Simply tell us what you want the board to say, and we’ll choose the letter sizes and colours accordingly to make the biggest impact (unless design requested)!

Mobile Sign Specifics

  • Letters come in four (4) sizes
  • The letter colours are white, yellow and pink
  • The signs are double sided, but there’s an option to use only one (1) side
  • The signs message can be changed whenever requested, for a fee
  • Each side can have a different message
  • Coroplast can be added to the board if you want a specific image shown

Mobile Sign Installation

The signs are fully set up by our team within 24 hours of acknowledgment. Simply send us the message as well as the approved location, and we’ll get working as soon as possible!