Digital billboard ads are the most hassle free way to promote your business at a grand scale. We have four (4) digital billboards that run 24/7 in high traffic areas in the Thunder Bay Area. There are multiple packages available to insure that your getting everything you can out of your investment. Prices vary depending on the sign. If you want to learn more or talk about possible discounts, get in touch with us.

Digital Billboard Specs

C.L.E. Billboard

  • By the Cineplex, looking down May Street
  • Two sided
  • 10ft by 20ft
  • File resolution 600px by 800px, 300dpi

Mr.Sub Billboard

  • Next to Mr.Sub by the intersection on Memorial St.
  • One sided only
  • 10ft by 20ft
  • File resolution 600px by 800px, 300dpi

Central Billboard

  • Across from Reid’s Furniture on Tungsten St.
  • Two Sided
  • 6ft by 12ft
  • File resolution 160px by 360px, 300dpi

Arthur Billboard

  • Looking down Arthur St, connected to the RE/MAX sign
  • Two sided
  • 4ft by 12 ft
  • File resolution 120px by 360px, 300dpi

Digital Billboard Ad Setup

Setup for the billboard is simple. Decide on the board and the package that fits right for you, then send us the ad you would like with the boards Ad File resolution. and that’s it!

Digital Billboard Pamphlet

Click the link below to view the packages we offer!